What to expect at Redeemer.


Keep the central thing, central. 

We’re pretty serious about Jesus. You won’t hear sermons about all the rules you should follow or about how to find spiritual fulfillment here. 

At the center of everything we do is the belief that Jesus life, teachings, death, and resurrection have changed the world, have changed us, and are the most important thing to talk about on Sundays. 


We like to sing.

Every Sunday, we sing together large portions of our worship. We sing out of our hymnal both parts of the service and hymns. 

We’re not all great singers, that’s not the point. But we sing loudly, and together, because we think it’s good for God and for us. 


You are welcome. 

We have communion every Sunday, and if you believe we encounter God there, you are welcome, regardless of of age, sexuality, or denomination.

Size & Kids

We are small, and have kids.

We aren’t a big church, and when you worship with us, you’ll find that is a gift. You will be welcomed when visiting. And our community is known and cared for, by both our Pastor and one another.

We also have all ages, from young kids to octogenarians. So you should come, and bring your whole family, niños to abuelas. 


We are an increasingly diverse church.

Sixty years ago, we were a German church. Now, we are slowly changing to reflect our neighborhod. That means we have both White and Latino, LGBT+, English and Spanish dominant speakers, as well as working-poor to upper-middle class. 

We aren’t the coolest church, but there is room for you here.


Wear what you will.

We aren’t a place of rules and formality. While our worship is traditional, you will find folks in jeans and t-shirt, business casual or their Sunday best. 

We think God is glorified by worship, not by what we wear. 


One of the great questions of our time. Where can I park? 

Redeemer is located in a residential neighborhood in Lawrence (Prospect Hill). Instead of having a parking lot, we built a huge community garden! So, there is plenty of on street parking around our building on Sargeant, Howard and East Haverhill streets on Sunday Morning. Feel free to park pretty much anywhere. And while Lawrence has a reputation in some parts, we’ve found that to be completely untrue, so don’t worry about your safety or your stuff (but, you know, be smart and don’t leave that laptop on the passenger seat). 

If you’re a visual person, here is a map to help:

Redeemer Lutheran Church
163 East Haverhill Street 
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01840

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