Love God. Love Neighbors. Be Free. 
Ama a Dios. Ama tus Vecinos. Se Libre.


During the time of Covid, we of course are making adjustments to everything in our lives. So, why church? Because we ALWAYS need set-apart times and spaces to Encounter God, to experience the divine in community. We are a church who finds we meet God even more in the Grace that is our brokenness, and the brokenness of the world. We gather to encounter this grace together, in our imperfections, in our singing, in eating together and praying together. We gather so that we can encourage each other to continue in this journey of following Jesus Christ. To find hope and life even in death and moments of despair. We believe that the way of Jesus means finding freedom and working for freedom for all people, listening to our neighbors, calling each other, and partnering with those in our community who are mutually supporting each other. 
Some disclaimers: Our tribe is Lutheran. We aren't a program church. We aren’t very cool. We still use an organ, and we’re pretty serious about Jesus. We aren’t a perfect church, but we are an honest church. One that believes the most important characteristic of God is Grace. Therefore we try to make sure ALL people truly feel welcome here.


Gospel reading & Sermon March 29, 2020 followed by hymn

Every Wednesday | Miercoles - Prayer | Oración - 6PM

Every Sunday | domingo - Worship | Servicio - 10AM 

Redeemer Lutheran Church
163 East Haverhill Street 
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01840

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